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Azure is confusing for those who work with it, let alone those who don’t but cover the world of computing. They hear news like “over 50% of Azure is Linux” and they really think that half (and that figure has been going up by 10% every year) of all of Azure is running Linux. That statement needs to be corrected.

  • Over half of customer workloads are running Linux. That includes Linux virtual machines, but I strongly suspect it is mostly Linux containers where the tiny OS footprint makes it much quicker to deploy than a Windows Server-based container.
  • Some parts of Azure’s network are based on Linux.
  • Azure is built on Windows Server Hyper-V.

Let me state that again, just to be clear. Azure … is … built … on … Windows Server … Hyper-V. All those millions and millions of hosts, in those hundreds of data centers, in those 54 globally located regions are built on Windows Server. Azure is probably Microsoft’s single biggest Windows Server customer. And businesses continue to pay a large amount of money every year to run Windows Server on-premises and in Azure.

Windows Server is not dead. Far from it. It might be boring to cover because very little changes between releases anymore, but it still has a huge customer base and it does gradually improve to support Azure and extreme on-premises workloads, such as Azure Stack HCI (Storage Spaces Direct).


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