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Working with computers since 1983

School ended and i became unemployed at 16. I needed to learn (mandatory by law) so i wnet to a work-learn kind of school. (fun fact: i went 5 days to school as there was no job)
I did a lot of technical fun stuff and created an air-driven-coffee-packing-production-line with PLC technology.
at that moment i had three job offers:
  • working on a high tech job with state of the art defense technology. 
  • i was invited to join a coffee producing company to become a technician there. (why would that be?)
  •  i could become a professional at the navy.
i choose the navy and worked there for 15 years as an electrotechnical engineer. Started working with VAX-VMS and programming windows. (Turbo Pascal 7.0 with Objects.)
After i left the navy in 1998 i became a full time IT professional and i have worked for several governments (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Municipal of Utrecht), Autotrader (Sanoma), the University of ArtsSome of my IT related profiles are:

About me...

I am a windows devops engineer and mssql dba. i like online games, dungeons and dragons  and sci fi.

email hosting

i use protonmail as my email provider. It became harder and harder to maintain a secure environment under linux. (im a windows man, not getting warm feelings with linux). To send mail from this site i use sendgrid. Mailings i would do with MailChimp.

gaming rig

I built my own rigs. i do build AMD and Intel machines. My current setup is quite heavy. 
Specs: ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha, AMD 3960X Threadripper, 64Gb (4x16) G.Skill Low Latency 3600Mhz
(Link to validated specs) build in The Tower 900 (ThermalTake) with a 1200W powersupply. 


I have 14 domain names and run them on a hosted server (VPS host: contabo ). The windows 2016 server has 4 vCores and 8 GB of mem. The database is a standard S0 (10 DTU) database in Azure. The websites are all build in DNN CMS with Vanjaro by Mandeep. (currently in Beta)

Nikon D700

i do like photography and did use a Nikon D700. However i lost.. the urge to take pictures. Its not funny to take pictures of people taking pictures with their mobile phone. So i am no longer doing photography. check out my Digipics site


I love to write, desighn and tinker with Adventure related stuff. ALthough i think that most game systems are way to limited to actually roleplay. Check out my Akimotos site for more details

day job

I am working for Asperion, as a SecDevops engineer and MsSQL DBA. We are a small company that delivers financial administrative services. Our azure cloud applications can scan orders, bills, invoices, bank statements and more for easy processing and administration.  We are certified and build our application in house. (and a little out-house)


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