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Ms-Windows Server 2012


Ms Operations Framework


Handy Dandy website tools: checklists (free)  planboard (free) (free mail - good antispam filtering (send well organised mailings (mail export *.eml free files reader)
Google Forms

Some info about Azure (by Petri)

admin tools: tail and grep for windows

my preferred monitoring solution: OR 
other solutions are there, like PRTG, Nagios etc. but my preferred choice is newrelic.

Security: EMET has official windows 10 support. Although most details are now incorporated in windows 10 the End Of Live for EMET is prolonged to juli, 2018
get EMET info here

Windows Shortcuts

Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then U again to turn off.
Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then R to restart.
Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then H to hybernate.
Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then S to sleep.  

Windows Multiple Desktops 
Press Windows key + CTRL + D creates a new window
Press Windows key + CTRL + Arrow left/right to navigate between windows
Press  Alt +Tab switches between programs regardless of the desktop they are on.
many more shortcuts here:


Dappre, Blockchain and IAM

IAM or Identity and Access Management is very complex and interesting to think about. One project is the a system based on th trust principle of QIY 

There are several similar projects with goals to create identity and access management (also) based on blockchain technology.

My wishlist (professional)

A top priority for my new work:
Surface Pro 4  (1Tb disk)
or the slightly less expensive one with 512 Gb (fine too))