Jan. 2020 - Windows Security Updates


I am working on the implementation of GDPR and other stuff to make the site compliant wtiht i dunno what all.
feel free to register. (only an email and loginname with a password are actually required.)
do not reuse passwords that you also use on other sites.
One account should allow you to join all my sites.


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IT-Pro by Digital Funwork, created by Paul Fijma

Some tech info:
Site build with DNN CMS
Running on Windows 2016 Server hosted by Contabo 
Data storage: Azure MsSQL database. (Basic tier 5 DTU, 2Gb data)
File Storage: Local, SSD Contabo (soon also Azure)
using HTTP/2 (use this online check tool or check with SPDY indicator; a chrome extention)
SSL certificates:  https://letsencrypt.org and/or Cloudflare
Website access via Cloudflare DNS  
Mail send with SendGrid.
Mail recieved via protonmail

Other references:
Cypher List 
Drawing with Alt-Codes