IT-Pro by Digital Funwork, created by Paul Fijma

Some tech info:
Site build with DNN CMS
Running on Windows 2016 Server hosted by Contabo 
Data storage: Azure MsSQL database. (Basic tier 5 DTU, 2Gb data)
File Storage: Local, SSD Contabo (soon also Azure)
using HTTP/2 (use this online check tool or check with SPDY indicator; a chrome extention)
SSL certificates: and/or Cloudflare
Website access via Cloudflare DNS  
Mail send with SendGrid.
Mail recieved via protonmail

Other references:
Cypher List 
Drawing with Alt-Codes 

ref to Kobold Press

ref to World Anvil

my "gamer gloves"  

Jan. 2020 - Windows Security Updates

 Currently I am working from home due to corona covid-19 virus outbreak.

windows 10 - 2004 update 
updating normal (via windows update) 
updating manual (with the upgrade assistant): 
cleaning up afterwards (when you are happy) 
or use the windows script

Today's security update 
CVE-2020-0601 - Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability
Critical Windows Remote Desktop Gateway vulnerabilities

Server 2016: VPN

Workstation for work
550 w powersupply 
Moederbord MSI B450M-A PRO MAX
CPU: AMD ryzen 3000 (+ VEGA GPU)
Mem 32Gb 2666Mhz
System Disk - Samsung SSD EVO 970 Plus / 500GB (nvme)
     Data Disk - Samsung SSD EVO 850 / 1 TB (SSD)

Gaming Rig

Components and/or upgrades

...  item   link  status
   Airconditioning  tbd  wanted
  Motherboard  Have it.
  CPU  Have it.
  GPU  Have it.
  GPU upg.  2021 upgr.
  Memory G.Skill DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3600 Kit, F4-3600C16D-32GTZN, Trident Z   Have it.
  Memory upg. 4800Mhz / 64 Gb // very expensive...  2021 upgr.
  Disk(s)  Have it.
  Disk(s) (IO speeds 5000 read/4400 write = fastest at the moment)  2021 upgr.
  Cooling  Have it.
  Cooling upg.   2021
  Case    Have it.
  PSU  Have it
  PSU Cables  investigating
   DAC  future
   AMP    future
   ART   fun

 CPU/GPU/Mainboard components from Almere


I am working on the implementation of GDPR and other stuff to make the site compliant wtiht i dunno what all.
feel free to register. (only an email and loginname with a password are actually required.)
do not reuse passwords that you also use on other sites.
One account should allow you to join all my sites.


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