Rigs: building Gaming and Workstation systems

Gaming rigs

Gaming System

A gaming rig has different needs to perform well. Although a good gaming rig can also perform well as workstation, i would not advise to do so.  
However, I decided to go with an AMD Threadripper 3960x instead. I made this choice deliberatly, mainly because I like to work with DAZ3D and other 3D modelling kinds of software.  The threadripper rins on a ASUS ROG Zenith II Extrme Alpha
My current gaming rig is based on AMD. I did consider using intel (Intel Core i7 10700K or Intel Core i9 10900K) as a platform. Both processors are (now) affordable. Alternative could have been waiting until november 2020 and AMD's new lineup or use the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X.

Professional Workstation

My professional workstation is extremely simple, cheap and fairly light. It has 32Gb of 3200 Mhz memory, an AMD Athlon 3000G cpu (with intergrated graphics), A Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500Gb and the MSI B450M-A Pro Max motherboard running a Windows 10 Pro OS.
Not heavy. but up to the task. (sometimes its a little slow when i have 90+ tabs open.)

GPU (Graphics card)

i bought a 2080Ti videocard in may 2020. 
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