Software open source email server make bootable usb drive a powerfull and simple printscreen tool (i prefer this one) another free printscreen tool (used it for a long time until i found greenshot) Open Source and most complete... (i prefer this one as it is open source, packed with features and till small and efficient.)

some tools like jabber, mumble teamspeak etc.   (alt-codes to use with numeric keypad)

Obfuscate mail or phone number to protect against harvesting tech. (not 100%, but blocks most)

important tools for everyone who needs to investigate a windows server (or workstation) investigate your windows eventlog codes software to windows NTP time setup (with information)

Log analyzing tool:
Infra / Application Monitoring and


(windows) Runbook Automation (Orchestrator)

Oracle Virtual Box 
Virtual networking

Collaboration tools

collaboration tools <-- i dunno <-- not tested <-- nice but simple <-- $$$ <-- nice tool online powerfull alternative for Visio (limited free version) office 365


firmware zyxel modem VMG8324-B10A"

Remote Desktop Software Royal TS (free version available) Devolutions RDP suite (free version available) remote desktop connection manager 2.7 (free version)