Great article about running commandline tools using powershell: 

# checks if code is running in the ISE environment or not.
function Test-IsISE
  # try...catch accounts for:
  # Set-StrictMode -Version latest try
  return $psISE -ne $null;
  return $false;

Powershell implementation of XCOPY

 dIs there a way to replicate an xcopy functional using powershell?

I thought it was an easy question until I tried some cmdlets.

Let's imagine I've got a folder structure like:




There're files in each folder of course. I need to copy contents of Src to some folder Dst.

With xcopy it'd be like this:

xcopy src dst\ /e /y
PS analog would be something like this:

copy-item src dst\ -force -recurse -verbose
Works great... the first time. The second time it creates a subfolder dst\src and puts files there!

I can't figure out any easy workaround. Can you?

p.s. I know I can use xcopy in PS.

 copy-item c:\\src\\* c:\\dst -force -recurse -verbose 


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