Windows Powershell is the "new" way of managing windows. "New?" you say? well... yes and no.

Powershell saw the light somewhere around 2006, when Microsoft decided to rename Monad (Windows Shell) created in 2002, to Powershell. Search the internet for details. So it's not a "new" thing, it's old.

So... you ask again: "new?"...

yes. new. with powershell 2.0 and the introduction of server 2008 it all connected. (for me) and while the old tools still exist, the community AND microsoft have developed enough power to call it a powerfull tool. With the introduction of core server variants there had to be a new tool to manage, so.... Ms delivers the Powershell interface. Power it is. (PowerShell Gallery) (PackageManagement PowerShell Modules Preview - March 2016)

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