Install, Backup and Config

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First i would suggest to read up on backups here: it has a number of extensive articles talking about several backup solutions and methods. backup scripts Index & Defrag enable or disable SQL server network protocol article about how to enable remote connections to a sql express database Monitoring Azure SQL Database using dynamic management views Perfmon & Profiler About performance and having a blog on the azure environment. 

a tidbit of information... sometimes simple things make life easy.  and yes, you can make log backups during a full backup. 

i need to check this  and see if it is usefull for me.

Performance & benchmarking

SQL Management Studio

SQL management studio is free and can be found here:
The powershell component is no longer part of the Management studio and therefore to use powershell with MsSQL you need the powershell sql ps module: . 

Thsi article is about the Heap: