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creating a secure web environment with windows 2012 and hMail (DKIM for hMail) (let's encrypt SSL certificate

powershell -noexit "& ""c:\scripts\testposh.ps1""" -dbs testA,testB,testC""
powershell  "& ""c:\scripts\testposh.ps1""" -dbs testA,testB,testC""

URL rewriting from bare domain to www 
I had to research the details about why use www or not. I had the idea that looks 'old' and looks 'better' or more 'modern'.  As it turns out, there are a number of services, checks and other web related items that strongly suggest to use a www in front of a domainname. It is however not mandatory. I read some articles and decided that i make my websites start with www in front of it.

Some articles about the www variant versus 'bare' domainname:  and

I was researching this to understand choices with SSL certificates: SSL 
Traffic routed over SSL behaves, at the DNS level, identical to unencrypted traffic and suffers from the same naked domain limitations.

Applications requiring SSL encryption should use the ALIAS/ANAME configuration on the root domain. Subdomain redirection will cause a browser error when the root domain is requested over SSL (i.e. A note on email validity and regex for validation.

remove your old windows version (windows.old folder)