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So. i'm a Solvineer.... and i like it. There is a lot of work for me to do. As nooby i need to get up to speed with my own work (MsSQL DBA for a larger financial organisation), the work that the team does on a day to day base and the 'way' Solvinity does things as an organisation. 

For the first time in my career (working since 1983)  i am pleasantly surprised by the working ethos, personal attitude towards me as a professional and overall support from the organisation. I had fun jobs in the past and have an overall enjoyment in my work, but Solvinity clearly adds something positive to the mix that i never experienced before.  

It certainly will take some adjustments from my side to enjoy it to the fullest. Where i always felt the need to defend my opinions or decisions... here thats not needed. Opinions are valued and weighted and met with professionalism and technical knowhow.  There is no finger pointing, no need to argue endlessly. Stand-up meetings are short and to the point without pressure. There is time fun, discussion and teaming up is just as easy.  (yes i know... i sometimes talk to much.. i'll try to keep it.. limited ;) -- for those collegues reading this :) hehe) 


I am assigned to maintain ms-sql client databases as-is, before and during transition. (=moving from their on-premise systems to Solvinity datacenters) I am using powershell to map the current environment, db health and details about the systems. I'll try to blog about the operational details (as you can understand without exposing the technical details). 

I will however describe in detail how i do my work, how i manage and what my challenges are.  Starting the blog will be interesting and keeping it alive will be a daunting task, I hope it's worth it :)

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Paul Fijma is since 1983 working with computers. since windows 3.51 as hobbie, later as windows system engineer, technologist and vax-vms sysop. Since Jan, 2016 working for as Sr. DevOps Engineer.

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