I am now a Solvineer!

Since november 1st 2017 i am working for Solvinity as an engineer. 
The company is a merge between bitbrains and asp4all and delivers IT services. (sales probably would have a much more appropiate way of saying it, but i am engineer, not sales.)

Yesterday i had good news: After a trial period of 2 months i heard yesterday that i passed the trial period and that i am now under a contract of indefinite duration.  

I started november 1st and i was asigned to a customer (Quion) right away as a database engineer. A daunting task i might add (not just as always when you start with a new job) due to the fact that the customer has hardware like HPE 3PAR

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Paul Fijma is since 1983 working with computers. since windows 3.51 as hobbie, later as windows system engineer, technologist and vax-vms sysop. Since Jan, 2016 working for px.com as Sr. DevOps Engineer.

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