IT-Pro is a created by Paul Fijma.
The main purpose of the site is to create a point of information for (mostly myself) as an IT-Professional.
Only a part of the information is public available. As far as possible i add material which is interesting for other (IT-)professionals. 
There are many sites with IT related items. This is my interpretation of certain parts of the IT and experimentation in IT usage. 

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about cookies... 
IT-Pro follows the 'rules' described by for cookie usage as it is mandatory to inform you. 
For consent to be valid, it must be informed, specific, freely givenand must constitute a real indication of the individual's wishes.

"it's the law..."

i've not yet met anyone who reads the terms of use (like the 56 pages of bull you need to read with an apple account) or the actual consent people give when allowing cookies. (no matter how clear you state -something-... no-one reads it. Only when something happens... then they start reading)